A Look At My Scary 2021 Autumn TBR Shelf

I bet you thought I’d bring up the upcoming spooky season somehow in this post. Well, I’m not. My fall TBR shelf (it’s actually a bookcase – yes, you’re reading it right. I have an entire case of books that have not been read yet, and yes, it’s also a bit embarrassing to admit) is scary because:

1) I’m not sure if I will be able to conquer this, and

2) I tend to feel awful if I don’t complete something I said I would.

So, to make things easier, I’ve decided to settle on rather shorter books this season, and most of these are modern reads. The “classics” (which, although I love reading, take me a while to digest due to the concentration required) number a few. The rest of these titles were published certainly within the last two decades, and most within the past two years. To be honest, I’ve never had so many newly released titles on my reading list before in my life.

All of these titles I’ve been really, really wanting to read ever since I bought them. So I may say “impressed” too many times below: note that it’s because I really am in order for the title make it onto here in the first place. My reading time is super limited so I did my best to boil it down to the books I think I shall enjoy. 🙂

This list is also somewhat prioritized.

If I have to pick ONE, it would be Between Family by W. R. Gingell. But I do realize I need to finish reading the books before this No. 9 in the series first. The paperback hasn’t been released yet. (Thus it’s not in my photo.)


To Read/Finish/New To Me: 12

// Between Family by W. R. Gingell *Just released! KU

// Between Walls by W. R. Gingell * KU

// Between Cases by W. R. Gingell * KU

// Between Decisions by W. R. Gingell * KU

I flew through the first six books in the City Between series (I just finished Between Walls last night), and now I’m changed forever because I cannot see Thor’s umbrella in Thor: Ragnarok and the hallway in The Matrix the same way again. Nor can I pick up a bottle of perfume again without thinking of Pet and JinYeong. Also: the words “Between” and “Behind” are loaded with so much more meaning now.

I’m here for the cheeky Pet (who, by the way, is two-time winner of the Silmaril Awards this year! Yay!), my sneaky mosquito boi JinYeong (see: Korean vampire who basically destroys every vampire notion I’ve had and hated before from all the Twilight hype), ice-man Zero (see: fae lord who is half human), and the smooth but deadly lavender earl grey tea drinker Athelas (see: Zero’s steward, who doesn’t really take care of the house per se), who say things but doesn’t really say ‘em, if that makes sense?

This series is fast-paced, quirky, fun, original, deep, smart, and hits home in a way I’ve never felt before as a reader. I’m in awe of all the layers Gingell builds as each story progresses. She has a way with portraying characters with distinctiveness and personality and all the family dynamic developments are so precious (despite all the dreadful crimes/murders they’re trying to solve/stop). Books 3, Between Floors, and 5, Between Homes, especially took everything up another notch and I LOVE IT. (The found family is so great here!)

I cannot thank Lemon Duck enough for spamming me about this to get me to read Gingell!


That final image is from HERE and is basically a very good sample of the excellent chem we have among our lovely people here 😉

// Purple Hyacinth, Season 1, Read for free at Webtoons.com, by Ephemerys / Sophism

Victorian-inspired setting.

Impressive webtoon/webcomic (this style is way better than the default manga I was used to seeing, folks) art style and quality.

Again: The drawings and colors and lighting in this are Perfection. I cannot ever watch a movie the same way again.

A detective who can detect lies teams up with a notorious assassin (who wields a sword, by the way) to destroy terrorist group – I’m digging this team-up.

I decided to read this while recovering from Moonscript by H. S. J. Williams, since she told me that PH is Errance’s doppelganger.

It’s also full of nods to my favorite fandoms (Mission Impossible, Zorro, Batman, V for Vendetta, even Westerns).

Overall very smart and fun and I love the banter between Kieran-Lauren, as well as Kym-Will. Or shall I say Lauki and Kywi.

Did I mention there’s a live OST for this webcomic? It literally starts playing when you scroll down to a certain spot on the page… I was surprised and impressed.

So yeah. Go check it out. 😉



// Frederica by Georgette Heyer {}

Heyer’s wit in this story is Very Impressive. Her characters are solid and I love the boys in this story stealing Marquis Alverstoke’s heart. (Resistance if futile, my dear Marquis.) She’s ranking in my book just below Jane Austen in the same genre. I laughed out loud too many times while reading the first half of this. (Probably laughed more than while reading Austen.)

Many thanks to Mllm. Sarah Seele for reviewing this and made me want to read it! This tomato is now hooked!


// Lady of Dreams by W. R. Gingell

This involves a girl who is restricted to her couch who finds out that her dreams are actually affecting the Real World. So yeah. Anything with INCEPTION vibes is an autogo.

I’m also here for the Kdrama vibes, folks.


// The Moonfire Bride by Sylvia Mercedes * KU

The author’s list says it best for me:

  • A kind-hearted heroine [who’s a seamstress, by the way, how cool is that?] with unexpected magic
  • A doomed fae lord of shadows
  • Hades and Persephone (and Eros-Psyche) vibes!!!
  • Sister-bond
  • Magical allies
  • Bloodthirsty villains

I’m currently buddy-reading this with the wonderfully patient Isabelle who reached out to me on GR and it’s been a blast so far! You can check out her beautiful blog at Lemon Crown Books and find her on Goodreads – she has a lot of great reviews there.


// Fae Hunter by Sarah K. L. Wilson *

This one’s on Kindle/Smashwords for free, folks!

Here for The Cruel Prince vibes (see note below). But there are some great twists/original takes in this series that I expect will make this even better. (Especially as this series progresses.)

Wilson is also great at fae-style riddles/rhymes and I love it.


// Magic Forged by K. M. Shea * KU

Shea has a signature humor that I can connect to. I skimmed through the sequel series to get a sample and so I have pleasant expectations for this one!


// The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

I’m afraid I’m one of those readers who require quite a bit of focus and patience to properly read, especially when it comes to Tolkien. But it’s high time that I finish this!


// Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

I was listening to the audiobook read by Elizabeth Klett back in spring but stopped. Should pick it up and finish it. (Klett is a flawless narrator and her voice is very sweet and soothing and I recommend all of her readings of the classics in the public domain/LibriVox. It’s a great way to get through classics if time is an issue.)

Reread: 2

// Fairest Son by H. S. J. Williams

I read this too fast the first time to remember much except how great I thought it was. William writes beautifully and reminds me of Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s style, which I adore. Need to reread to properly give it the review it deserves.


// The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Full disclosure: Didn’t really read this the first time. I only skimmed through it in the middle of the night. It is a Full Survivor Mode story (do anything to survive kind of deal and I like those stakes) and deliciously dark and fae.

I consider this series the role model story for how to portray characters who are not really likable but yet are diggable for that very fact?

I know it sounds confusing. Hopefully after I read this properly I can come up with something more worthy of this book.

There is an enemies-to-lovers ship in this series. Rather well played out, especially towards the third book. And I really appreciate the loop I went through with regards to the MC/Jude’s 1st person POV being, well, a bit unreliable when it comes to Cardan. 😉

Also: Holly Black writes beautifully. I was impressed so I want to be impressed again with a proper re-read.

Possible (If I can fit these in): 5

// Ignite by Jenna Terese * KU

Marvel vibes? Check.

Super-abilities viewed as evil? Check.

Also apparently a lot of my fellow readers on GR have read it and liked it.


// Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim {} *

Recommended by H. S. J. Williams. Hannah, your #WeStanTAKKAN review got to me in a way that I was not expecting. That list is good.

I’m looking forward to eating this dessert soon.


// William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher

It’s been years, but I think Chalice’s rating caught my eye. This book’s been sitting on my shelf for one to two years, and the idea of A New Hope in Shakespearean play style without being too confusing is not without its charms for me.

What can I say? I like rhymes.


// Fierce Heart by Tara Grayce KU

Yeah. I realize this cover is not stunning and it took me a while to get used to it. *shrugs off*

I read (edit: listened to) Grayce’s Stolen Midsummer Bride read by Liz Brand earlier this month and was pleasantly surprised by how fantastic her take on the “stolen brides” trope is. I tried reading my paperback copy of her Fierce Heart this past summer but didn’t get too far due to my lack of connection to her writing voice/prose (elves + informal prose = my reader brain turning off). And the fact that, well, I’m not like Essie very much… Farrendel probably is more relatable to my personality. But since I discovered that I like Stolen Midsummer Bride so much, maybe I just need to find an audiobook to listen to in order to get through this one. Liz Brand is extraordinary for all the characters’ voices.

Did I forget to mention all the rave reviews for this one, especially with regards to the appropriate treatment of a married relationship? Honestly, married couples don’t get enough proper treatment (the only other I can think of right now is The Scarlet Pimpernel), so I’m here for it!


// Levius by Haruhisa Nakata

H. S. J. introduced me to the wonderful world of comics/manga, and her post TOP TEN Heroes (Visual Edition) is a very informative list.

I was fascinated.

Steampunk? Check.

“Cybernetically augmented fighters who turn blood to steam”? Wow it’s a bit disturbingly interesting and check.

Also. This 680-page hardcover manga collection was $16 when I looked for it; I couldn’t pass it up.


* Published in 2020 or 2021

{} marks a book that I consider to be of longer length and/or expect more time needed to finish. It’s technically hard for me to tell exactly how long due to font size and book formatting variances. 🙂

KU: On Kindle Unlimited for free right now. I tried to mark those for you KU subscriber’s convenience ;).

Have you read any of these books and/or authors? What’s on your TBR shelf this season?

If you’re interested in buddy reading with me, or doing a read-along post together, or just discussing any of these titles, please feel free to comment below, or use the Contact Form, or find me on Goodreads.

Many thanks to the lovely SJ for proofreading my post for typos on a very short notice!

23 thoughts on “A Look At My Scary 2021 Autumn TBR Shelf

  1. CC! I’ve missed your blog posts! I hope you enjoy all of these books. I can’t remember if you’ve read any Sylvia Mercedes before, but I am very curious how her books compare to Goldstone Wood/AES, so if you have any thoughts on that please do share.

    Also! Would love to buddy read with you sometime (:

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    1. Hi Maya!! ❤ So great to see you here as well. I know I'm WAY behind on all of my followed blogs, including yours. Work and life have been swamping me. But I do wish to catch up on reading blogs and comments soon. 🙂

      About Sylvia Mercedes: her books are very different from AES/Goldstone – there's a lot less of what I'd call Christian themes and more general themes. But as usual her writing/prose is impeccable and I really enjoy it. The Venatrix books are very dark but she invented an interesting magical system. I don't love it wholeheartedly but I do really like the characters and the writing :). I stayed up way to late reading the first two books in a very short time xD.

      The one I'm currently reading, The Moonfire Bride, is set in another universe/world that she's focusing on making/releasing new titles in now and I’m loving it. The retelling is great and I like the original spin and adventure and the slow-burn romance so far. 😉

      I hope this helps. Please let me know if there's something you wish to know specifically about or clarify or something. 🙂

      Currently though, I'm focused on binging Gingell's City Between. I'm finally on Book 9, Between Family, and it's 1000% Amazing.

      Oh – that sounds great! I know you've been busy with college etc. and I've been the same with work, but feel free to DM me on GR or email me. Do you have a book in mind? We can compare lists for the books that I own so I can figure out what would work. So excited!

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  2. Oh, my goodness, I never thought about Thor’s umbrella that way before! That is awesome, and now I won’t be able to see it the same way again next time I watch Ragnarok. XD (I also can’t see a movie with Tom Hiddleston without thinking how perfect he’d be for Athelas…)

    AHHH, you have such a BEAUTIFUL collection of books there! I am definitely going to purchase my own set of City Between books at some point, because I’m definitely going to reread them many more times! (SO EXCITED you’re on Between Family! And now I really want to know your thoughts on Between Decisions…)
    I also hope to own copies of Ignite and the Elven Alliance series at some point! (Ooh, I’ll be eager to see your thoughts on Fierce Heart! I didn’t know how I’d like it either, but I ended up absolutely falling in love with the series.)

    The Hobbit! Yes! Only one of my favorite books of all time! (Anything Tolkien is FANTASTIC.)

    I’ve been wanting to read the William Shakespeare’s Star Wars! They look clever and hilarious.

    Loved reading your post, CC!

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    1. Hi Amelie! Thank you for your lovely comment!

      xD I’m with you about Ragnarok and Hiddleston! The other really hilarlous thing is that remember I was talking about this on Discord and then next thing I know, in the next book, Pet was using the word Ragnarok to refer to the heirlings trials?! What are the chances ❤

      YAS! I certainly stand behind (<- pun intended) you about owning Gingell's City Between books in paperback! They're SO re-readable!!

      The premise for Ignite is really cool. 🙂 And yeah, I can't wait to get into Fierce Heart via audio sometime soon.

      Tolkien is The Master Of Fantasy. So yep, ditto to what you said.

      Aww thank you – I'm very happy to see that you enjoyed this! I was glad to have been able to finally post something nice here because it's been such a long time. This is my first proper book post here. 🙂 It's funny because Isabelle over on Goodreads invited me to buddy read with her and I was like, hey I just happen to have a book haul photo and a post I'm writing about my TBR so I linked her to the photos so we can pick out a title we both have available to buddy read together and it turned out to be The Moonfire Bride. ^_^

      Between Decisions was a LOT to process… I especially love that ending though. 😉 And THIS ZERO in Between Family AHHHHH. It's all so epic. ❤ What's your favorite part from Between Decisions? 🙂

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      1. (I am so sorry; I completely forgot to respond! The busyness of life and all…but I’m going to scurry over and answer your last question on Discord so I don’t spoil anything for anyone scrolling through the comments! :D)

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  3. As one that judges a book by its cover, The Cruel Prince looks like it could be a good one…!

    I also think you would be a fun buddy to read with, I’d be interested in that, but I’m also not really a Horror-genre type…!

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    1. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment, Leon!

      Yes. I’m afraid I have to plead guilty when it comes to buy-books-for-the-covers issue. The Cruel Prince is quite original and interesting! O.O… Did I make a mistake and mention horror? Because I don’t think I’ve ever read horror. It’s more on the fae/fantasy side (and rather dark considering the situation and characters, so certainly not fluffy). Maybe I’m misunderstanding your meaning? Because I’m feeling rather confused. ^-^ 🙂

      Anyways, that aside. If you have a title you wish to buddy read with, please feel free to mention it. I’m certainly also open to reading non-fiction such as some other history title, or maybe we can read those Holmes stories together? 🙂 Right now I’m still only about 10-20% in Scotland: The Story of a Nation by Magnusson (I took a long break). But I think you’ve already read it so I’m not sure if you want to re-read it now. I REALLY want to read my copy of How the Scots Invented the Modern World but I think I have to finish the one I’m on first before I start any more. 😛

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      1. Oh no you didn’t mention horror, it’s just me having 1 plus 1 and making 4…! I’m in a Buddy-read group on Goodreads, but they’re doing a themed read this month, with horror-genre books! I’m not really into Horror though, but I’d like to buddy-read with you haha.

        I also like the idea of having a TBR bookshelf, could keep you on your toes throughout the year!!
        On your comment as well, about the cover of Fierce Heart, the guy looks a little like Legolas to me…! I think I prefer covers to be more sketched rather than life-portraits or computer-model generated images, but that’s just entirely my opinion. 🙂

        The Holmes books sound like a good buddy-read opportunity, but then you’ve already read some I haven’t read, and I’ve read one you haven’t either…! Oh I think you’ll enjoy How The Scots Invented The Modern World! I’d like to buddy-read with you on that, when you’re ready, I’ve been wanting to go back to it!

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        1. Ahhh! *insert light bulb coming on// That makes sense! 🙂 Haha. I’m not in any reading group on GR because my time is already swamped with too much stuff I have and want to do to keep up with that many people. I do a lot better with one-on-one or very small groups.

          Yep! I stole the “TBR bookshelf” concept from my most recent favorite author, W.R. Gingell, who talked about it in one of her GR answers to a reader. Right now I’m kind of doubting my ability to finish tackling this within the next two months though… xD

          Yes, he does! The story is actually kind of inspired by Legolas – to quote the author in her newsletter:
          “If you haven’t read the books yet, they are a romantic fantasy series with steampunk elements. Fierce Heart is pretty much Legolas from Lord of the Rings finding himself stuck married to a very talkative human, along with magical craziness and a few battles.”
          So yeah. It’s not my typical genre since I tend to avoid romance as the main focus, but there is quite a bit of adventure… and like I said, I do like marriages depicted positively and appropriately.

          Agreed! I do dislike the computer model looking image… it looks unrealistic and rather uninspiring to me. I tend to prefer more elegantly painted people like Charlie Bowater’s style/work: https://www.charliebowater.net/

          Oh – don’t worry: I don’t really care about if I’ve already read the Holmes story/book or not. I can just pick up whereever you’re at, if you wish. Because, as I said earlier on GR, it’s been so long that I forgot most of the stories xD and can recall the TV show better. Do you want to DM on GR for the buddy read? Just let me know which one you want to me to try to find so I can start reading.

          Got it! I’m sure I shall remember your offer when I get to it! 🙂 Thank you!!

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          1. Thanks for replying, I couldn’t find this one! Yeah I’ve messaged you in goodreads 🙂

            Yeah they’re doing Dracula and Frankenstein at the moment… initially, I was interested to take part in a Halloween-y themed tradition that I normally don’t bother with, but then when it came to the month I just didn’t and had other stuff to do first! This year I feel more “homely” (right word?) than usual for the Winter, Halloween stuff… but I’ve always preferred the Christmas spirit! 🙂

            You know, I’ve never actually read the LOTR books (though I intend to… buddy-read opportunity??) but that seems a bit strange to me, I guess it’s just not my taste…! And I thought Legolas was married in the books, but maybe not!

            Oh had a look at the drawings, they are very elegant and fantasy-type. I like the drawn-out sketches you sometimes come across, I’ll see if I can find some of what I mean.

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      2. I left a reply to your comment, but then made my own wordpress/gravatar site and now it seems to have disappeared… hopefully you can still see it on your end?

        Just in case, I’ll try again… I didn’t mean that you were talking about horror, but I jumped a bit knowing that the buddy-read group that I’m on with goodreads is doing a Halloween themed read, and maybe also because they’re “Scary”!

        I also made a comment about the cover of Fierce Heart as likeness to Legolas, and that I think sketched out or drawn covers are better than life-portrait or computer-model covers, though that’s entirely my opinion…

        I think doing a buddy-read on Sherlock Holmes would be a good opportunity, but then haven’t you read books that I haven’t read before, and I’ve read the one you haven’t yet?? And yeah Magnus’ book is colossal! Magnus Magnusson was the man who presented Mastermind for many years over here, not sure if you have Mastermind in the US?

        Yeah I think you’ll really enjoy How The Scots Invented The Modern World, I’d like to buddy-read with you on that when you’re ready, I’ve been wanting to get back into it. 🙂

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        1. Hi Leon! Thank you so much for taking the time to try to rewrite your comment! 🙂 I think it did save it though… but yeah, there’s probably no way you could have known this because WordPress tend to hide comments from new emails/users until I can approve it because it remembers if I approve a user to comment here. (I know since I used to experience this.) So I think from now on, it should remember you and show your comments!

          Magnusson writes beautifully! I love how the book flows and is very accessible 🙂


  4. Wow, that is a not insignificant number of books! (You remind me of me. XD)

    I do think I need to keep going on the City Between series…but not necessarily any time soon, because I’ll be doing NaNo this year, and am only planning on reading a few books in November, all nonfiction. We’ll see how that works out.

    Ahhh Frederica! Such a good one! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!!

    The Hobbit. ❤ ❤ ❤

    I really need to reread Jane Eyre one of these days!

    Ignite is definitely good! I think you'll enjoy it!

    Six Crimson Cranes is on my reading list, too, ALSO because of the Takkan Stan review, and I'm excited to get to it At Some Point! XD

    William Shakespeare's Star Wars is absolutely hilarious and fantastic! I've only read parts of it, because my cousins own it and I had a tendency when I was younger to squeeze myself into a remote corner with a book when I went over to their house, but then I wasn't allowed to finish said book(s) because of things like "family togetherness", "we need to eat" or "we're going home now". XD

    My TBR for the rest of Fall is very minimal (see: NaNoWriMo, reading nonfiction, &c), but it includes 1917: Red Banners, White Mantle, which was a Miss Megan recommendation, two of C. S. Lewis’s works, and Modern Physics and Ancient Faith, which I’m REALLY looking forward to!

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    1. Hi Sam! Thank you for your lovely and long comment!!

      Yeah… I’m realising now that I probably won’t be able to get all of these done with nothing short of a miracle xD Well. It shall just spill over to the winter then.

      Oh I wish you every success on this year’s NaNoWriMo! And I hope you can find time afterwards for the City Between books because they’re So. Amazing. I’ve never done NaNoWriMo because I’m a huntress and they’re held in the same month. But I should probably just do an equivalent (write a novel in a month) in January or something.

      I typically loose courage at the planning stage… and have this dreadful fear that my ideas are not as original or epic as they should be or I wish for them to be. Currently I’m in the process of trying to get psyched up to actually outline at least one of my books so I can do a rough draft and actually make progress. (I’m trying to tell myself that it doesn’t need to be THAT original because most ideas are influenced by others… Ugh. It’s frustrating but it’s my great weakness. ^-^)

      Awesome! I think I own four of these Shakespeare SW (bought them used at thriftbooks or Better World Books) but I can’t believe I haven’t had the time to read them xD. I’ve skimmed through them and they’re simply fantastic though. So can’t wait!!
      (Haha… you’re not the only one. I actually have locked myself up in the bathroom so I can read the City Between books without being interrupted xD. It’s embarrassing…)

      Your list looks wonderful! I hope you can successfully tackle them! 🙂 (And if not, we shall comfort each other with the progress that we DID make, right? ❤ <# )


      1. P.S. I just noticed that I missed responding about Six Crimson Cranes and Ignite and Jane Eyre!

        Jane Eyre is wonderful but rather slow. Thus my audiobook. xD So I’d suggest if you’re bored with it to try the audio because the reader is perfect.

        Ignite has a lot of hype in my community of readers and the concept is cool. It’s funny because GR shows almost every single friend I follow for reviews have read it xD

        And oh! Takkan! Yep. He’s just the best. I have High Expectations. ❤ 😉


  5. I love that the scariness of this TBR consists entirely of its great size, not because there’s a single Halloween-themed book. I mean, I relate though. Huge TBRs have no rival for scaring me. I hate them. XD
    Also I love this post because it’s weirdly interesting seeing all the different backstories for why you decided to read each thing…I don’t know that I’ve ever seen someone do that before? But I really like it.

    Don’t forget to message me so we can buddy read Frederica! I’m greatly looking forward to that. Also I started rereading The Hobbit but I’ve been focusing on other things so I haven’t made any progress so…if you wanna buddy read that one I’m also down?

    I really want to read Fairest Son one of these days. I’ve heard so much about H. S. J. Williams’s writing. I kind of think Moonscript might not be my thing, but Fairest Son sounds SO GOOD and I want to read it SO BADLY. XD

    And also…City Between. Because of course.

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    1. Yeah. Exactly! I was influenced by Ms. Gingell’s concept of a “TBR bookshelf” (vs. a list xD), and the fact that I was reading about this scary being that looks like a moth-man in Between Shifts (City Between) at the time and I just married the two together. I said my TBR bookshelf is scarier than the mothman. xD

      Oh thank you!! I’m trying to keep track more of what I expect, why I want to read it, and also who recommended a book to me… 😉 As evidenced by my Goodreads pre-read reviews/updates.

      I also really love and enjoy reading your review posts and you’re so much better at them than I 🙂 Especially the ones that goes like what you’re here for and what you liked in bullet points etc.! They’re so fun and I love it when you post reviews!!

      Ugh (this tomato’s frustration is directed at her hectic, over-worked schedule). I have some notes written down for Chapter 1 of Frederica for you. But they’re handwritten and I need to transfer them online… I know I need to get to it.

      So I feel that we need to buddy read The Hobbit together because I’ve not made ANY progress either. It’s one of the reasons why it’s on this list… to hold myself more accountable.

      Fairest Son is wonderful and deserves all the hype I’ve heard about it! I’m so happy to hear that you want to read it “SO BADLY” because it IS SO VERY EXCELLENT. It’s also short so I can offer to read that with you whenever you can get a copy! ❤
      //I just dug through my GR status updates from long ago and my reactions are here if you're at all interested:

      Why do you think Moonscript wouldn't be your thing? I know that we've disagreed before; I consider it a five star read, with a few minor editing problems I had such as typos and a bit of pacing issue. The concept is very cool and I found the way that she created the redemption arc and the struggles of one of the MC, Errance to be quite original. Maybe it's because I've been so disappointed in most of the reads I've tried at the time… but even now reflecting back I'm in awe. I ❤ it so much I'm having a hard time conveying it all in the brilliant review that it deserves… ^-^ Also – I have a huge point that I like about it but it might be a bit of a spoiler… I'm honestly terrible at identifying spoilers, mainly because I don't care about being spoiled 😛 I'm weird like that. But let me know if you want to talk about it. I think I mentioned it in a GR update a long time ago but I'm not sure if you saw it. See link. And again, it might be considered a bit spoilery, but I think I generally said it as more of a theme that it explores well so I hope it's okay. https://www.goodreads.com/user_status/show/395036879

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      1. That is awesome. XD

        I’m so glad you like my reviews. ^.^ Credit for the ones with lists of what I’m here for and not really has to go to The Temperamental Writer (https://allthingstrivialandinsignificant.wordpress.com/), though – I stole the format from her because I enjoy it so much. XD

        When I get a copy of Fairest Son (which may not be for a while), I will definitely remember that! (And thanks for the links, I enjoyed reading your thoughts!)

        So, with Moonscript, I first of all don’t love stories about elves. Tolkien is only kind of an exception, because the elves are cool side characters, not main characters. And also Tolkien just sets up an unfair standard, because the beauty, mystery, and sorrow of his elves is…SO MUCH, such that anybody who tries to write that same kind of elves is more than likely going to feel like a pale imitation for me. Secondly, though, I thought I heard that there are like, fallen and also unfallen (sort of) elves in Moonscript? And I really don’t personally enjoy stories that have unfallen races of beings in them. Like REALLY don’t. And thirdly, and most minorly, I think Moonscript has an obvious fantasy stand-in for God? Which again, I just personally don’t like at all. Correct me if I’m wrong on any of that! Those are just the things I thought, and they’re things I CAN get over if the story’s just /that good/, but it really has to be good to be that good.
        However, I’m curious to hear about this spoilery thing you liked! If I’m not planning to read something, I don’t mind spoilers, and occasionally a spoiler will make me decide to read it after all. So do tell! XD 😀

        Oh, also! A couple links for you since I couldn’t leave them a while ago on Goodreads:
        Here’s the Story Sponge’s “gunslinger dad trope” post I was talking about: https://thestorysponge.wordpress.com/2021/06/18/fantastic-fighting-fathers-in-which-parenting-and-gunslinging-go-hand-in-hand/
        And here’s the cynicism post from her blog as well: https://thestorysponge.wordpress.com/2019/03/29/reflections-on-cynicism-in-which-a-sponge-shares-her-safety-blanket-with-the-world/
        AND, last but not least, here’s a link to the beginning of season 3 of the Comic Space Opera in case you wanted to start there (not to be taken as pressuring you in any way, BUT it is way easier to read something as it comes out, an installment a week, than to have to read it all at once online, and so I thought you might like to start in the current season which is just getting underway, since I think context can be figured out even without having read seasons 1 & 2 – but it’s entirely up to you of course! I’m just giving you the link so you have it if you want it): http://tanglewebsandfairyrings.blogspot.com/2021/10/cso31-consequences.html?m=1

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I loved every bit of this, CC!!!! We clearly have similar tastes in books 😍 How many books from Enclave Publishing do you have, btw? Because I love them very much! (I think Ignite was published by them?)

    Also, I would most definitely be interested in buddy-reading something with you! Anything from The Hobbit to Six Crimson Cranes to The Moonfire Bride! 😊 They all sound AMAZING!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Lily!! I have The Story Peddler by Franklin, Secrets in the Mist by Busse, and I think I will get Of Fire and Ash by GBA next month :). Ignite was published by the author, Jenna Terese – she’s also a great resource for new indie authors 🙂

      Oh absolutely! I have already started reading The Moonfire Bride with Isabelle on GR =), but I can gladly re-read it with you if you wish. It’s really fun! You can pick. I have to warn you though – I’m terrible at doing this promptly due to my schedule 😛


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