Four Misty’s Revenge

Forgive me, my dear readers. I’m attempting at something I’ve never tried before… you see, WordPress has this handy little button at the bottom of posts, apparently, called Reblog. And I just came across this lovely little/short post from Lemon Duck at Word Of Chronicles – LOOK IT FEATURES COMICS OKAY, and I happen to be liking it so much that I feel quite compelled to try out the said button mentioned above. So here. Hopefully you won’t dump me over this. 🙂 Have a lovely day!

World of Chronicles

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I Have No Regrets (Feb. 29. 2020; March 12, 2020) In full comic panel mode

Four Misty has collabed with twins…Fire Note and Aa D (Aa being basaltic lava, by the way). They have joined to overthrow Lemon Duck and insert their sketchy drawings and strange raps on her blog!

Is the reign of Lemon Duck over?

Has her tyrrany over all creative forms of art been destroyed?!



*muffled background noise*

She awaits her execution with grace and much screaming.

We shall wait and see next Thursday what has become of Lemon.

For now…

icon (Feb 5, 2020) Of course the book where the duck is leads to a pool of blood…*cackles*

In all honesty and seriousness, guys, do NOT be ashamed to dance in your Christianity. David shimmied (yes, shimmied) without restraint for God. Let us all be the same! Especially in this time when fear…

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Short: Mikrokosmos

//For those who are here for my reviews, feel free to skip. 🙂 I wrote this short last night on a whim. This has been on my mind for some time now. I created this as a conversation between two main characters in one of my WIPs, but then it changed a bit, and I … Continue reading Short: Mikrokosmos