Open for book eye-candy > new release unboxing: Calligraphy Guild by R. M. Archer

A couple of weeks ago, I received my signed copy of Calligraphy Guild by R. M. Archer, along with a hefty load of preorder goodies from the author.

I don’t do Instagram, but I still wanted to share my unboxing photos somewhere. So here they are. Prepare for eye candy of the book sort. (And it’s too bad that I can’t let you smell this book, because it smells delicious like sweet berries – probably due to the soy candle being the same box as the book during shipping.)

I’m here for:

  • Asian-inspired fantasy
  • … looks like some sort of time manipulation/alteration? …
  • I’ve also heard that it’s slow-paced, and while I can fly through fast-paced prose quicker, I do have a special spot for slow-paced stories that are MEANINGFUL

If you want to grab a signed copy, head over to the author’s store. Otherwise, if you’re more of a ebook reader (or is just on a tight budget), you can buy it from Amazon.

Shoutout to Eden @ The Happy Hedgehog for introducing me to this new release with her cover reveal post! I’ve also been following Archer’s blog for a while now: She review books and gives very good writing tips and advice – especially on worldbuilding – so check it out at Scribes & Archers!

Well, that’s it for now. I’ve a few drafts prepared related to a book cover reveals, as well a couple of book reviews. (Oh, and I fully intend to read Calligraphy Guild with a notebook handy, so I can follow actually through with a read-along/reading notes post series. So watch for those!)

How’s your summer going? Do you have an endless pile of TBR, as I do? (Have you set aside certain titles to relish during the sunny/hot/sunburn season?) Let me know in the comments!

In the meantime, have a watermelon slice 🍉, or ice cream 🍦, or __insert summer snack of your choice__. 🌟

5 thoughts on “Open for book eye-candy > new release unboxing: Calligraphy Guild by R. M. Archer

  1. Love this, CC! Your photos are all SO beautiful as well! I’d love to see more posts from you! 😉

    My summer is going well. I don’t think I’m reading as much as I did last summer, but my days are still filled with work and exercise and reading and now blogging as well! The hot weather is draining in a really good sort of way. I love watermelon, and I love popsicles, and, believe it or not, I also love homemade ice cream!

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    1. Thank you for commenting, Lily! I truly appreciate hearing that you enjoyed my book photos.
      That sounds good! Summer has been filled with work for me as well, and it’s been a struggle trying to keep up with my reading list, but I think I’m on track to fulfill my GR reading challenge of 58. ^_^ (and I DO need to workout more, but haven’t been. :/ )
      Those summer snacks are sure yummy!! ❤


      1. Of course! They’re super beautiful, and I always love seeing bookish content from you. 😊

        That’s great! Haha, I also need to workout more, but at least I’m doing better than I was before. It’s the first steps that are the most important. 💗

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          1. I do a blend of HIIT and calmer exercises. I love doing videos from Lilly Sabri (more HIIT) and from April Han (more simple exercises). Honestly, push-ups and pull-ups would probably be my least well-liked exercises. 😆 I LOVE doing ab workouts and leg workouts, though!


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