some highlights of 2021: Of my pathetic attempt at bujo, reading record, music discoveries, and new habits for 2022

Random Failure of the Year

  • I tried the Bullet Journal Method. I lasted about 21 days. I’m honestly lazy when it comes to daily habits and serious life-health things came up and interrupted my flow so I didn’t keep up with my daily entries.
    • BuJo actually works for me way better than all the other methods I’ve tried, since it’s formatted in such a way that I can pick it up anytime without any guilt about skipping days.
    • However, I love all the lists I was able to compile in it throughout the entire year. Most of them being book lists. And movie lists. And shopping lists. And new words I’ve come across and learned while reading the City Between books by W.R. Gingell.
    • I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to pick up ONE book and find everything in there. It’s like my personal Wikipedia. ❤
  • This is the first year that I’ve read indie published works. And let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted and grateful that I entered this world. In the spring Lemon Duck sent me a list of the best in the indie published field and I’m forever indebted to her now.
  • I’m in the process of compiling a year-end list so you can see specifically which books/authors I’m referring to. You can probably already guess part of it, due to my comment above. I’ve been flailing speechlessly about it for months. 😉
  • I’ve found a lot of new authors to add to my favorite and/or autobuy lists – many from the indie pub world as well as some that are traditionally published.
    • I’ve honestly never read so many newly released books in my life.
  • Comics/manga/Webtoons can be legit storytelling. (Siren’s Lament; Purple Hyacinth) I have H.S.J.’s informative reviews and recommendations on GR to thank for this.
  • Naturally, I’ve been the more active on Goodreads, and even wrote a few reviews that I’m rather satisfied with. It’s hard finding a balance between not letting it take over my free time and using it appropriately to discover reads and connect with other readers.

  • Buddy-reading is the best! I get to bookrant with someone who’s reading/read the book recently or now in real time. Thanks to Isabelle for reaching out to me and being the first person ever to buddy read with me. Also thanks to Sarah Seele @ Sixty Something Trees, SJ, and Leon, for the reading we are doing/plan on doing together. ❤
  • One huge highlight for me is getting the entire set of Red Rising by Pierce Brown on my bookshelf. I haven’t read the entire series yet, but the first two books that I’ve read fully are 100% fantastic. Brown’s writing and story execution is the style that I adore and model after in my own works. I am forever grateful to Maya for this recommendation.
    • I will be reading the entire saga this year, and I plan on taking notes during my rereads so I can post them on here as well as on Goodreads.
  • Book subscription boxes are The. Best.
    • I’m talking exclusive covers, reverse cover artwork, signed, bookdom related items such as book tins, candles, artwork, tea, etc. I’m specifically speaking of OwlCrate. And The Bookish Box, though it took about two months to ship out.
    • Alison in Bookland has been a perfect reference/resource for me while choosing which boxes to try out and her monthly book guesses are amazing. 🙂 They help me decide which month/s to skip and which to keep.

A Brief Aside: While I’m writing this, I know that I promised a comprehensive year-end book post for later but I cannot stop thinking about Dreams Lie Beneath by Rebecca Ross. It was in my November Owlcrate Dreaming in the Dark Box and is one of my favorite reads of last year. It’s a standalone, and the storytelling is utterly perfect: it’s divine, beautiful, mysteriously atmospheric, mesmerizing, glorious in its characterizations. I love that each of the main characters are unique and competent in their own right. Clem + Phelan is one of my top ships of the year. Some of my favorite tropes are featured: Enemies-to-lovers, Hidden identities, There’s only one bed, Dagger to the throat, and court intrigue. But in all the best ways and cleverly and tastefully executed. (Plus. Considering it’s general market YA. I have to be grateful for the overall clean/PG-13 rated content.) I’m very grateful that I was able to catch up on the signed edition because Ross is now my autobuy author. I wanted to reread it as soon as I finished. It’s THAT good. ❤

  • I’ve found that signed books are my thing. Been collecting them. Or else writing letters and emails to authors asking for bookplates. ^_^
  • Unfortunately, I’ve been loosing a lot of sleep due to all of this book craziness/addiction in my life. There has been more stayed-up-till-2-AM reads than I can count. So that certainly needs to be changed in 2022, because it’s obviously detrimental to my health.

  • Winter-Spring: Dimash. Lara Fabian. 2CELLOS. Musicals. Soundtracks.
  • Spring-Now: Above. Plus BTS. And more BTS. And I streamed BTS’ “The Truth Untold,” DAY6’s “Sweet Chaos” & AILEE’s “Breaking Down” WAY too many times.
  • In short, I got into international music. And I’m too tired to add links right now. But I’m also planning on doing a year-end best music post alongside the best books post here. So look for them! 🙂
  • Watching TENET for the first time on my birthday was a dream. I still cannot get over how epic it is. And deep. I still don’t quite get everything. Christopher Nolan never disappoints me.
  • Saw The Wolverine for the first time since watching it in the theaters back in 2013. That means it’s been eight years. Turns out I’ve forgotten a lot of the details, but some of the main scenes I remembered correctly. It was a lovely experience – watching as well as thinking about everything that has changed for me in the past eight years of my life.

2022 Habits/Goals

  • Bible reading following the Legacy plan, which gives me some grace period for doing the readings
  • Active for 20+ min. daily
  • 8+ Hrs. of Sleep daily
  • Write anything for 15 min.+ daily
  • Vocal exercises for 10 min.+ daily
  • Fill out a Reading/Watching/Listening log daily
  • Post at least once a week (Ha! Watch me fail, you guys. :D)
    • I’ve come up with a little solution for myself: shorter posts. Since I tend to set my bar too high and expect to come up with this elaborately long post the length of a Hebrew scroll.
  • Comment on at least 5 blog posts per week. (I was going to say one comment per day, but then some days just doesn’t work. While other days I have the time to catch up, more or less. I’m doing this in hopes of catching up on reading all of my favorite blogs. Because I KNOW their content are GOLD but I’ve been neglecting them. Plus I know I’ve missed some tags in the past couple of years… so I need to dig them out. Somehow. 😉
  • If I reread a book, make sure I post a review. I’ve found that I can better write a review if I read it twice.
  • BuJo. Of course.

Here’s to a great year!

How about you? What are some some your year end thoughts for 2021? Do you have any failures you learned from or accomplishments you’re grateful for? Any favorite moments/highlights from the 2021? How about goals for this new year? 2022 only happens once, after all. 🙂 Let me know in the comments!

14 thoughts on “some highlights of 2021: Of my pathetic attempt at bujo, reading record, music discoveries, and new habits for 2022

  1. Ahhh CC I am so glad you love the Red Rising books! I always love sharing my favorite books with others. Here’s hoping I get around to reading a few of *your* favorites in 2022… Dreams Lie Beneath and the City Between series made it onto my growing TBR recently 😉

    Best of luck on your goals!! They look lovely and achievable and also very admirable. If you do those things you will become one of my role models because I probably should be doing them but I don’t.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So am I! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to reading the entire series this year and share my thoughts… ❤

      That's awesome, Maya! I hope you will enjoy them, as I did. I especially like all the writer-aspect things I've learned from Ross and Gingell via their book/s. I mean, light and entertaining reads are fun and all, but it's doubly wonderful to be able to be amazed at the top notch storytelling skills, right? 🙂

      Aww – thank you! My track record has not been very good for the Active for 20+ min. daily so far. I've put that off for helping out with the dishes and chores lately…. ^_^ Hopefully I can get back on track! As I said in the post, I usually fail miserably when it comes to forming good daily habits :P, so I posted this in hopes that it will keep me more accountable. Mental hurdles is half the problem for me, typically. xD

      I hope your new year will be wonderful as well, Maya! 🙂

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  2. Ahh Bullet Journaling/BuJo is one of my favorite things, especially for the list-making/personal Wikipedia aspect. I am a little addicted to lists, and it feeds that addiction in the best possible way. XD

    I need to try buddy reading at some point…I’ve never done it for real.

    Ooh, what did you think of Six Crimson Cranes?

    Your goals look wonderful! I’m looking forward to seeing what you post in the new year! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for commenting, Sam!

      YES! I’m Very addicted to lists since I don’t quite have a memory palace and I love to be able to see everything at a glance. Recently, I’ve finally compiled a list of everything that makes me happy and it’s wonderful seeing it on my wall. ❤

      I'd love to be able to buddy-read with you sometime! I'm not sure when I can get my hands on a copy of A Wrinkle In Time, but I had planned on contacting you when I did so I could buddy-read/ talk it over with you. =) But if you find a title that we mutually have on our TBR list, or even an already read title (I love to reread but I don't do them enough xD), I'm here for it!

      Ahh! I just remembered that I commented on your review for Six Crimson Cranes. 🙂 It was great! I 100% agree with Hannah's review of course. Plus I really liked all the food descriptions (being Asian — some of those struck especially close to home for me since they're part of my childhood). ❤ ❤ ❤ I was annoyed by Shiori at first, but I love how she changed and developed into a more mature person.

      I could have done with more of Takkan (I know – a given, right?). Seryu is very interesting, but I wanted to see more of him (which I think we shall, due to the sequel's title). And I like Lim's way of incorporating Asian elements into the fantasy world.

      The prose is gripping. But I have to say I love Ross's Dreams Lie Beneath more between the two. ❤

      What do you think?


      1. Ooh, yes! Let me know when you find a copy of A Wrinkle In Time, and I’d love to buddy-read it with you! Or if there’s anything else YOU find on either of our TBRs either, I’d be open for any sort of buddy read.

        Oh yeah, all the food in the book made me hungry! Shiori was a bit of a brat, but her growth was lovely. I had no idea that there was going to be a sequel, so I’ll have to look into that!

        (Sorry for the short comment, I’m in a bit of a rush today! XD)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Sure! I’m currently a bit stacked up in my TBR pile xD And haven’t been pushing it more due to, well, the fact that I have to actually live and sleep :P. But I WILL get back to you when I get a copy! 🙂

          Yes! I’m certainly looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to more Takkan and also find out more about the dragon princeling, Seryu. I agree – I definitely warmed up more to her during the humbling part of her arc (as a cook).

          I kind of have a weakness for cooks.

          So does Takkan, apparently. 😀

          (No problem! I always say that short comments is better than no comments because at least I can get a glimpse into what you’re thinking in response to my post ❤ So thank you for your lovely comment, Sam!! 🙂


  3. Oooh I’ll have to add Red Rising and Dreams Lie Beneath to my TBR! They sound fantastic. And a bunch of those books do as well. *shields eyes and looks up to stack of TBR disappearing into the heavens*

    Also how have I never heard of buddy reading before?? That sounds incredibly awesome and I want to try it.

    Bullet journaling sounds fascinating! I adore lists so I might have to try that, though I’m terrible at doing day to day journaling thingies. However, I’ve been trying to keep a log of what I call Joy Bombs. Basically, one thing that made me happy every day, and record it in a journal. Last year I made it to April before dropping off, but we’ll see how long I last this year. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Red Rising is for more mature audiences though, due to the subject matter. (I’d say it’s more R-rated than most books I typically read due to the violence/as required in such situations as the MC faces. There’s some language. No sex scenes – I think there’s one fade-to-black in Golden Son, book 2. But it was tastefully done.) The story is very complex and interesting – socially, politically, economically. Brown also writes very gripping and quotable prose. I’ve not done a proper review since I get so overwhelmed by how epic it is ^_^ but I featured a lot of quotes from the book in This post:

      Dreams Lie Beneath is AMAZING. So is The City Between series by W. R. Gingell. ❤

      Needless to say, I'm very happy to hear that you've added to your TBR! (Feel free to contact me any time if you want to talk about those books when/if you read them, as well. <3)

      It's a relatively new thing for me, too! 😀 Basically find someone to read with and shoot each other updates on our thoughts as we're reading. If you want to do it sometime, feel free to shoot me a DM, or via a comment. 🙂

      Oh I love that idea!! I need to incorporate that in my BuJo as well. =) I hope you will try it out, since this method is very accessible and quick (it can be long or short, as the user decides)!

      Thank you for your lovely comment, Elisha!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh thanks for the content summary! Always appreciate those.

        I’ll definitely take you up on that offer when I get to these books! I love having someone to gush to when I finish a good book so I don’t have to keep all the feelz inside. 😂 (I believe I sent you a friend request on Goodreads, by the way.) And yesss a buddy read would be so fun! After I finish the stack of books I got from the library yesterday lol

        Liked by 1 person

        1. You’re welcome, Elisha!
          Thank you for the request!! Sounds great! Unfortunately I don’t have a comprehensive list of books that I own but haven’t read it (my TBR stack is too high xD). If you want to give me a list of titles you’re interested in reading together whenever you’re ready that would be awesome!
          Oh great!


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